Action SHIFT Cable & Housing Kit

Action SHIFT Cable & Housing Kit
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product description

Do you need to shave grams and you think you've tried everything?

Our new Action Shift Cable System is fully 30% LIGHTER than our Premium 4mm Shift Cable & Housing Kit. Almost 50% lighter than our 5mm kit. Gain improved housing flexibility for tricky routing with the same ultra-smooth and positive performance of our Premium kit.


Shifter Housing - Front: 3mm x 600mm - 2 - Rear: 3mm x 340mm - 3

Stainless Shift Wire - 1.0mm x 2100mm - 2

4mm CNC'd Alloy End Caps (shifter) - 10

product features

  • Super light pro-quality shift cable kit!
  • - 1mm stainless steel cable with a compact head. (Fits Shimano/SRAM but looks smaller than theirs)
  • - 3mm compressionless shift housing. Narrowest available. Lubed internally END to END.
  • - Custom CNC'd machined ferrules (end caps)