Shimano/SRAM-Compatible Premium SHIFTER Cable & Housing Kit

Shimano/SRAM-Compatible Premium SHIFTER Cable & Housing Kit
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Our Jet Lube Process injects the proper amount of grease end to end... not just at the tips like the competition's pre-lubed housing. This results in about 10% less cable drag. Refresh your ride with this kit which includes housing and cables and ferrules. Available in black or SlickTech Gray (XTR-color) for shifter(Shimano), road brake and MTB brake. Note: We carry 2 different diameters of shifter housing. Measure your bike's current housing before ordering.
Housing is lead and dioxin free unlike some Taiwan-made housing out there. Cables are premium stainless steel die drawn for smoothness.


Shifter Housing
- Front: 4mm x 600mm - 2
- Rear: 4mm x 340mm - 3

Stainless Shift Wire
- 1.2mm x 2100mm - 2

4mm Plastic End Caps (shifter) - 10

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