Press - "Verdict: Improves braking performance to unheard-of levels"
9/11/2017 - "In fact, the performance change using the Yokozuna [Reaction] cables over the Jagwires was so marked that the first few rides I had to make a conscious effort to think about braking fewer fingers required, more control on tap, and on one occasion where an emergency stop was required, a stern word with a recalcitrant muscle memory used to pressing down much harder on the stop button. I don't recall being that impressed with the Jagwire system when it was new to the point of wondering if it was the compressionless version. So again, anecdote but informed anecdote.

Bike Radar: "Absolutely awesome a total no-brainer upgrade" 11/25/13:

Bike Radar's James Huang put our Reaction Kit to the test. Partial quote: "Shifts spring-driven upshifts, in particular are markedly faster with a more direct lever feel coming as an added bonus, even when compared to Shimano's venerable SP41 casing or stock Campagnolo stuff (SRAM is thankfully still able to source non-sealed Gore low-friction stuff). While the lack of proper end-to-end sealing is a disappointment for cyclocross, winter training or heavy-duty commuting applications, it's worth noting nonetheless that we've been running one of our Reaction setups continuously for two years (albeit mostly in good conditions) and it still feels like new.
As good as the derailleur cable and housing is, it's the similarly slippery brake setup that is truly astounding. Unlike conventional brake housing (whose spiral-like construction is designed primarily for flexibility) or derailleur housing (whose lengthwise strands are designed primarily to fight compression), Yokozuna's is a unique hybrid of both. Save for segmented solid aluminum housing such as Nokon's, Reaction is the only truly compressionless option we've come across and it's impossible to fathom how detrimental housing compression actually is until you've gotten rid of it."

Velo News Puts Reaction Cable System To The Test (8-20-09)
They just called us one day and asked for a set. We didn't here anything from them until we found the review up on the web. We are pleased. It is a fair and infomative review.

Embrocation Cycling Journal Loves Our Reaction Cable System

Cyclocross Magazine says "The Yokozuna Reaction cable system is a new addition to the list of must-haves for the most fastidious riders....Power at the brakes is dramatically higher even compared to high-end groups. I initially suspected that this would make the brakes also feel grabby and decrease modulation, but that was not the case. If anything, the increase in power and the solid, crisp feel made it easier to apply exactly as much braking force as I needed. Force at the lever decreased as well. "

Bicycling Magazines says "Like the Kool Stop, the Yokozuna pads offer sticky, powerful braking and good modulation once worn a bit. The wet performance is very consisten, and there is no grinding sound or feel.. These were firm reliable stoppers in dry and wet conditions. "