Reaction Cable System - Campy (Shifter & Brake)

Reaction Cable System - Campy (Shifter & Brake)
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product description

Reaction is a high-octane cable system optimized for today's brake and drivetrain systems. The special housing delivers excellent compressionless performance for enhance cable response, especially for brakes, which has been difficult for other makers to produce.

Cables have smaller cable ends needed for Campy. Housing and cable lengths are designed for conventional road bike and may not have enough length for some disc brake road bikes.

Color: Smoke

We recommend extra high quality cable cutters or a Dremel tool to trim these RapidWire housing. They are a bit more tougher and stiffer than conventional cable housing.

product features

  • - The first truly compressionless brake housing; boosts braking power from road rim brakes to mechanical discs
  • - Brake housing is jet-Lubed END2END for smoother cable action.
  • - Tightly wound die drawn stainless steel cables