"Lever feedback is boosted to truly incredible levels with the rear feeling better than the front once did, and the front now feeling as if it’s directly bolted to the caliper. Though power is improved, that direct feel has an even bigger impact on modulation and predictability. "
---- Bike Radar

Correctly installed, both braking and shifting feel fantastically positive. I would venture to say that the brake cable and housing combination is the smoothest, most solid I have ever used. Squeezing the brake levers, the cable pull is consistent and easy, and when the pads hit the rim, zero flex or sponginess is felt. It’s remarkable how positive and uniform both the front and rear brakes feel. Action at the shift lever was very smooth and consistent, more or less on par with my previous best experiences of cable and housing combinations.  ----Velo News

I absolutely recommend these without hesitation.

If you want brakes that impart maximum leverage onto your wheels, and increase your stopping power in any situation, but particularly on big mountain downhills, or in races, these are for you.

Definitely worth a look even if you're happy with your current cables. Try these and be blown away.

---- Velo Nomad